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We need a photographer!

A young man taking photographs of Southend Pier

We're looking for photographer to capture a collection of stunning images that showcase the pier and its various attractions.

The Brief

About Us:

We’re Southend Pier & Railway, the longest pleasure pier in the world.

The Southend Pier Brand:

Think contemporary nostalgia; bold and colourful, with a nod to the past.

Purpose of Shoot:

  • To capture a collection of stunning images that showcase the pier and its various attractions.

  • To raise the profile of Southend Pier.

  • To entice people to visit and experience Southend Pier through this photography, by appealing to the senses and emotions. We want them to feel they want to be here.

Date of Shoot: June-August 2023

Image Requirements:

  • ·Specification – We require a minimum of 200 Portrait and landscape shots, minimum of 300dpi.

  • Content/Style – All imagery must feature blue skies, and be bold, vibrant, and energetic. Showcase a range of people from varying ethnicities, including families, couples, young adults and senior citizens enjoying the various attractions on the pier. Can be members of the public (with consent) or models.

  • Usage - The images will be used on our website, social media and general advertising in and around the pier.

  • Licensing Terms – Out-right perpetuity.

Locations: We require a selection of “blue sky” photos of the following:

40+ General shots of the pier, to include:

  • Establishing shots (from shore / pier head)

  • People along the pier and at the pier head walking / sitting / chatting / laughing / admiring the view / binoculars / fishing / bird-watching

20+ images of the Pier Trains, to include:

  • General shots of it going up/down the pier.

  • People buying tickets.

  • People boarding/alighting the train at the North Station.

  • People riding the train / admiring the view.

  • People boarding/alighting the train at the South Station.

20+ images of the Crazy Golf, to include people:

  • Buying tickets.

  • Playing / Celebrating

20+ images of the RNLI Gift Shop, to include:

  • People browsing.

  • People purchasing.

  • Building in general/lifeboats.

20+ images of Lazy Jacks Restaurant, to include view where possible and people:

  • With menus at table.

  • Ordering food and drinks at the bar.

  • Eating / drinking /interacting inside.

  • Eating / drinking /interacting outside on the terrace.

  • Family eating a packed lunch.

  • Friends/couples enjoying alcoholic drinks.

10+ images of the Offshore Café, to include people:

  • Ordering food and drinks at the bar.

  • Eating / drinking inside and outside.

10+ images of the Sandpit, to include view where possible and:

  • Children playing.

20+ images of Tea with the Tide, to include the view where possible and:

  • General offer (displays of cakes / setup shots on tables).

  • People browsing / Ordering cakes and drinks at the bar.

  • People eating / drinking /interacting inside.

  • People eating / drinking /interacting outside.

20+ images of the Beach Huts, to include:

  • General shots of the area.

  • Fish and Chips Hut:

  • Burger Hut

20+ images of the Pier Museum, to include people:

  • Exploring the various exhibits.

Photographer/Agency Requirements: An in-depth knowledge of Southend Pier is a must as the chosen photographer/agency will need to work independently. Chosen photographer/agency will need to manage all aspects of the shoot, including sourcing models/props where necessary, any costs should be included in your quote.

Data compliance is of upmost importance to Southend-on-Sea City Council. Where applicable, consent must be obtained. This must be factored in in the planning stage and on a shoot day it will be the responsibility of the photographer to manage. Consent forms will need to be issued for models and people featuring within the shots, these can be provided on request.

To apply, please email culture& with:

  • Your Name

  • A short bio of your experience

  • Example images that align with the brief

  • A few words on why you'd be perfect for the job

  • Your fee (which must include any additional costs you may incur, including travel/expenses/models/props etc)

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 26 May 2023



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