View of beach huts and cafe near the end of Southend Pier

You may have noticed but Southend Pier has featured in a whole load of great television, films and music videos take a look at our most prominent features below!


We're Famous!

Jimmy Doherty and Jamie Oliver on Southend Pier

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast

Fresh One Productions / Channel 4


The programme is presented by Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty. The series is filmed in Jamie and Jimmy's Cafe, which is based at the end of Southend Pier.


Each week the Cafe is filled with members of the public and a celebrity guest joins Jimmy & Jamie in the Cafe and helps to cook a recipe of their choosing.

Eastenders characters Ryan and Rob having a confrontation on Southend Pier, 2011


BBC Studios / BBC 1


Southend and the Pier have featured in numerous Eastenders episodes, the most prominent was back in 2011 at the end of a dramatic storyline, which saw Ryan come to the rescue of sister Whitney who was being exploited by villain Rob. The conclusion was a showdown at the end of the pier, which saw poor old Rob thrown into the Thames. 

Michael Portillo standing next to a c2c train at Southend Central station

Great British Railway Journeys



Southend Pier Railway featured in series 3 of Great British Railway Journeys, hosted by Michael Portillo. He stopped by the pier to share his memories and take a ride on the railway.

Alison Moyet and daughter Caitlin walking along a rain soaked Southend Pier

Alison Moyet 'When I was Your Girl'

Music Video


The music video was filmed on  Southend Pier in March 2013. Moyet refers to it as 'a place that figured highly in my girlhood years.' The video features Moyet, and her real-life daughter, Caitlin, walking along the rain-soaked pier (as well as standing underneath it) lip-syncing to the song.

Southend Pier in the end credits of British television series Minder 1979


BBC Studios / BBC 1


Southend Pier featured in the end credits of the British television series Minder. The sequence showed unscrupulous businessman Arthur Daley and his bodyguard (or "minder") Ray walking down the pier.


When they reach the end Arthur realises that he has left his lighter at the far end and they proceed to walk the return journey. The comic implication is that he is too mean to pay for the train ride!