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New pier trains get the green light!

Southend Borough Council are pleased to announce the success of Severn Lamb in securing the Southend on Sea Pier train contract!

After months of the tendering process Severn Lamb proved the most promising in bringing the Pier trains into the 21st century. Construction is set to begin in the middle of 2020 with plans to replace the current trains in quarter one 2021.

Severn Lamb are no strangers to the Pier having commissioned the current trains back in 1986, which were opened on 2nd May by Princess Anne. The two diesel trains stood the test of time providing excellent service over the past 33 years.

Southend Pier will be going green as the new trains are set to be fully electric and producing zero emissions. Not only will the new models be more eco-friendly but there will also be the option to run with half as many carriages during off peak times. This will reduce running costs and give the council more freedom when planning yearly schedules.

The design of the train will undergo an overhaul which will offer visitors a fantastic viewing experience with large panoramic windows, lighting upgrades and an overall modern and contemporary design.


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