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Adopt a Plank
Terms and Conditions
  1. The full cost is payable in advance once your request has been agreed.

  2. All plaques are the property of the Council and will be on display to the general public.

  3. The exact location in which the plaque will be placed at the site is determined by the Council and particular locations cannot be guaranteed.

  4. Plaques will be installed within areas only where space allows on the Pier.

  5. The plaques have a limited life and the Council cannot guarantee the long term safety or security of the plaque and it is not responsible for the replacement of any plaque as a  result of damage, deterioration with age or vandalism. The Council may also have to remove plaques for the same reasons and these would not be replaced.

  6. The Council may remove or re- site any plaque to accommodate the improvement of an area of the Pier for the benefit of its visitors.

  7. After a period of 20 years the Council reserves the right to remove the plaque and offer the location to a new donor.

  8. Maintenance as considered appropriate will be assessed and carried out by the Council.

  9. To preserve the public nature of the Pier the use of the plaque as a memorial is not allowed and as such flowers and other memorial items placed will be removed.

  10. Only one standard sized plaque is allowed, this can be replaced on payment of the appropriate fee.

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