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‘Walking the walk’ so more people step-up as Southend foster carers

A sea of orange and navy took over Southend Pier as council representatives committed to ‘walk the walk not just talk the talk’ to raise awareness of our urgent need for more foster carers.

Councillors and foster carers, joined with some children's services staff from Southend-on-Sea City Council for a team building and thank you event for our fostering community on Tuesday 17 October.

It is hoped more people 'step-up' and join our ever-growing fostering community to provide homes and help make sure children, who are already going through a tricky time, can stay close to their hometown and familiar surroundings in such a wonderful City.

Cllr Helen Boyd, cabinet member for children's services, education and learning, said:

“I was delighted to join the fostering team, fellow councillors and our amazing foster carers at The Pier and, although a bit blustery, the sun shone and it was a lovely day for a leisurely walk along the world's longest pleasure pier.
“Foster carers play a vital role in giving local children, who may not have had the best start in life, a secure place to call home so that they feel safe enough to flourish. I want to thank everyone who has already been in touch with us but urge more people to come forward. I'm passionate about making sure all children of Southend have the childhood they deserve. I also want to thank of all our foster carers for the huge difference they make to lives of the children they care for.
“If you are thinking about fostering, please get in touch with the team to find out more about our recent additional benefits and becoming part of our wonderful fostering community.”

As part of the council's financial commitment to support our foster carers, those who sign up will receive:

  • all Southend-on-Sea City Council in-house foster carers, who meet criteria, receive 100% council tax exemption up to a band D, whether they live in and outside of our City

  • simplified fees into three categories: foster care, enhanced foster care and specialist foster care

Plus, additional financial support during key moments in the child's life, such as birthdays, prom etc and support from the council in caring for our children.

To find out more about fostering for Southend-on-Sea City Council visit the Southend Fostering website.



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