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On Southend Pier you can catch a variety of species including mackerel, plaice or flounder.

Day fishing from the Pier is available to anyone, and tickets can be purchased on the day. Simply bring along your rod and bait and enjoy the views from the end of the Pier! There is an angling shop directly opposite the Pier entrance to purchase bait and give advice on the species seen throughout the year. Children (ages 3 to 16) must be accompanied by an adult when fishing on Southend Pier.

Season tickets are available for fishing online and at the Pier entrance. Night or combined day and night passes are only available to current members of a recognised fishing club (having been a member for at least 6 months prior to application).

For more information speak to one of our team members.

fishing from the pier

Day Ticket 

Adult | £10 
Child/Concession | £5

Season Ticket (Day)

Adult | £125 
Child/Concession | £63

Season Ticket (Night)

Adult | £125 
Child/Concession | £63

Season Ticket (Day+Night)

Adult | £210 
Child/Concession | £105

Fishing Pass Prices

We welcome anglers to Southend Pier, and to make the experience safe and enjoyable for everyone the following measures are in place:

  • Fishing along the Pier walkway is only permitted within marked bays.

  • All fishing must take place in the marked areas provided along the South face of the Pier (see map below), this area is on a first come first served basis.

  • If you’re unsure of where to fish please speak to one of the Pier staff who will be happy to assist you.

  • Any person fishing is restricted to 2 rods to help maximise space for others.

  • No overhead casting. Please use other methods of casting or simply drop your line as fish love the Pier structure.

  • There is a capacity limit in place to allow for safe movement and personal equipment. If this capacity is reached you may not be able to access the Pier for fishing.

  • All day anglers must begin packing up at least 45 minutes before closing in order to allow for time to make your way ashore before the Pier closes.

  • Out of hours exit from the pier is only possible on the hour from the upper level gate. Night anglers please remember to sign in, & sign out before leaving the pier.

  • Only active members of a recognised fishing club may apply for a night pass. Proof of membership must be provided.

  • There is no smoking anywhere on Southend Pier, this includes vapes and e-cigarettes.

  • Anyone contravening these rules could be required to leave the Pier.

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